Eberron - Of Forutne and Failure

New Beginnings

So here we are again. On the brink of a new adventure. This time, we will be brought into the intrigue and mystery of Eberron! I chose Eberron because it’s something none of us really have any experience with. It’s largely an unknown. Unlike Forgotten Realms or Dark Sun where some of us have quite a bit of knowledge. I didn’t feel like running Dark Sun because I just didn’t want to get into the whole Party vs. The Environment that it has. I didn’t want to do Forgotten Realms because, frankly, it’s been overdone to death.

So what can you expect from Eberron? Well, here’s an excerpt from the Introduction in the Eberron Campaign Guide:

_In the wake of a long and terrible war, a world struggles to find its destiny. Will it descend once more into brutal conflict and end in spectacular annihilation, or will the world emerge at last into a new era of peace and prosperity?

At this moment, a handful of heroes-the player characters of your campaign-might hold the fate of
the world in their hands.

This is a world whose destiny is hidden in the mysterious prophecies of dragons, tempered by powerful magic, and forged in bloody warfare._

Basically, think of Eberron as a cross between the “Adventure Archaeology” of Indiana Jones, the Noir mystery and intrigue of something like the Maltese Falcon, all thrown in a high fantasy setting. There’s a lot more to Eberron, and we’ll get there as we go along, but this should get you started.

So what do you guys need to do now? Well, you need characters. So, please get those done asap. I do not have a printer working at the moment, so please try to get them printed on your own. If someone is willing to volunteer to print, that would be excellent. Now, I’m going to repost and updated version of the character creation rules I posted on our Facebook group, bolded means it was updated/added:

1. We will be playing Eberron, this means Dragonmarks can be used. (I’d recommend at least one person having a dragonmark. You all can if you’d like). None of the other setting specific stuff will be allowed.

2. Start at level 1. I know there were some concerns, but after much considering, this is going to be the best way to do things. Don’t worry, my plan is to speed things up a bit to help level quicker.

3. All official classes are available, even the setting specific classes. This includes classes in Dragon Magazine (such as the Assassin, which was never released outside the magazine).No un-official or 3rd party classes are going to be allowed.

4. All races outlined in the 3 PHB’s, and the Forgotten Realms setting, Dragon Magazine, and Eberron Setting will be allowed. Dark Sun races will not be allowed since they are pretty specialized for that setting. In addition, monster races will not be allowed.

5. No starting magic items. You’ll gain magic relatively quickly, so this shouldn’t be an issue. Feel free to add whatever mundane adventuring gear and weapons you need, within reason. This means no adding weapons/armor you won’t/can’t use for the express purpose of re-selling. Keep weight in mind!

6. You may use the hybrid rules in PHB3, with approval. The hybrid rules specifically state that they break the balance built into the system. This makes it possible to make very weak, and very powerful characters. Characters on the “too powerful” extreme will not be allowed.

7. All other official rules/supplements not specifically disallowed, will be allowed. This means Dragon magazine, for example, is fair game.

8. Some kind of background story would be nice to have from everyone. This will allow me to better tailor the campaign to your characters. This is not a requirement, but could prove beneficial/useful for you in the future.

9. Please give me a wish list of magic items. This will allow me to give useful magic items instead of crap you won’t use but will only sell. Keep the levels within reason. Since we’re starting at level 1, anything above level 6 you will likely not see for several levels. I probably won’t throw too many “wish list” items at you guys, but there will certainly be a few. Most magic items, I believe you guys will probably want to sell/disenchant. Most magic will be fairly difficult to come across in shops, so keep that in mind.

10. Matt has graciously signed up for a D&D Insider (DDI) subscription, and using this subscription gives access to the character builder. You may use the character builder if you’d like, just keep the above rules in mind. The username is [redacted], password is [redacted]. (See the facebook post for username and password.)

11. If you wish to purchase and use Fortune Cards, you may. These are totally optional, and I won’t be buying any.

So now, some background to help you out. Basically, 4 years ago, you were hired as mercenaries for the Nation of Cyre. Our adventure will actually begin with a flashback to your first (and only!) mission. Since then, you’ve stuck together, and worked together. I can’t give much more than that without giving some secrets away.

So let’s get those characters completed! I’m thinking we will be playing around 5:30 on Thursday the 29th. Let me know if this doesn’t work for you.



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